Preparation of the Application Packet

The application packet contains the materials that form the basis for the review at all levels of evaluation. It is important that faculty members under consideration for promotion make every effort to ensure that the material contained in the packet is complete, accurate, and professionally presented.

The contents of the review packet should include the following elements:

  1. a statement of self-evaluation
  2. a professional vitae
  3. evaluations and recommendations by various levels of review
  4. documentation of teaching effectiveness for applicants in the Lecturer, Professor of Instruction, Professor of Practice, and Clinical Professor series, OR
    documentation of research/scholarly/creative activities for applicants in the Professor of Research series
  5. summary of service activities and responsibilities
  6. optional supplemental materials

The professional vitae should serve as a simple listing of professional activities, while each of the other components provides more in-depth information about those activities. The suggested contents of each of these elements should include, but are not limited, to those suggested below. The candidate is responsible for preparing items #1 – 2 and #4 – 6 above; the faculty review advisory committee and chair are responsible for appending materials contained in #3.


A checklist of the essential contents of the review package, as well as a checklist of possible optional supplementary materials that may be submitted can be found on Academic Affairs’ webpage.

1. Statement of Self-Evaluation

The statement of self-evaluation should be organized in two sections, outlining the applicant’s activities, experiences, and plans in the areas of teaching (Lecturer, Professor of Instruction, Professor of Practice, and Clinical Professor series) or research (Research Professor series), and service. Optional additional sections on research for applicants in the Lecturer, Professor of Instruction, Professor of Practice, and Clinical Professor series or on teaching for applicants in the Research Professor series should be included if appropriate.

  • For the teaching section, the applicant may wish to include a teaching statement outlining her or his philosophy/approach to teaching, and describe any innovative approaches used in delivering instruction.
  • The service section should provide an overview of service activities and explain the applicant’s participation in key service roles.

The statement of self-evaluation should be no more than 5 pages.

Covid Impact Checklist*

We also recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused varying disruptions to faculty in their teaching, research/scholarship/creative activity, and service goals. Furthermore, we understand that these disruptions impact individual faculty in unique ways, based on differing responsibilities and circumstances, and differing timescales and intensities. The COVID_19 Impact Checklist allows faculty to provide information on disruptions to their teaching, research / scholarship / creative activity, and/or service that provide additional, important evaluation context.

*Faculty will submit their Covid Impact Checklist in Digital Measures Workflow after the DRC has completed their evaluation, before the review packet is forwarded to the Department Chair/School Director.

2. Professional Vitae

The sections of the professional vitae may vary based on the faculty member’s appointment.

Name and Contact Information
This should include UTSA address, phone number, and email address, as well as current academic rank.
Educational Background
List all institutions from which a degree was earned, including the degree received and the major field of study.
Professional Employment History
List all positions held in sequential order, with applicable dates, since earning the baccalaureate degree, including the present position at UTSA.
Awards and Honors
List any awards, honors, prizes, competitions, or other recognition received related to professional activities.
Teaching Activities
List all formal courses taught during the past 2 years, indicating the level of the course (undergraduate or graduate) and its title. Provide a list of students mentored in research/scholarly/creative activities and any theses or dissertations directed.
Summarize any service on graduate committees and for student advising.
Research/Scholarly/Creative Activities
Summarize all products of research/scholarly/creative activities, including publications, exhibitions, performances, architectural projects, or other documentation of scholarly contributions. All products should include the date and title of publication/exhibition/performance, the impact (e.g. impact factors, citations , Almetrics, etc.), the venue, and where applicable, the inclusive page numbers or size of the scholarly contribution. List separately the different types of publications (e.g. journal articles, books, reviews, etc.), scholarly products, or creative activity outcomes, providing respective listings of invited contributions, refereed contributions, and non-refereed contributions.
Scholarly Presentations
List all external oral or poster presentations at conferences, meetings, or other institutions/universities related to scholarly work, and provide the dates and locations of presentations. Use separate listings for invited presentations, refereed contributions, and non-refereed contributions.
Granting Activities
Provide a list of grants received, whether for research, instructional, or public service activities (indicate one of these for each grant), giving the name of the granting agency, the project dates, the project title, and the total amount awarded for each.
Service Activities
Provide separate listings of all committee assignments, assigned administrative activities (for example, adviser of record, etc.), student-centered service, for example faculty adviser for student organization, and any professional service activities. Each activity should include the dates of participation, the organizational level of the activity (for example, depart- ment, college, etc.), and any leadership roles played.

3. Evaluation and Recommendation Materials

As the application goes through the review process, each level of review should append its analysis and recommendation to the packet for consideration by the next level of review. Guidelines for these various levels of review are provided in the “Review Process” section of these guidelines. The materials should be arranged in the following order, with the responsibility and timing for appending each set of materials indicated below:

Item Responsible Individual When
DRC analysis DRC Chair Upon completion
Chair's recommendation Department Chair/School Director Upon completion
Dean's recommendation Dean Upon completion

4A.  Documentation of Teaching Effectiveness

Listing of Courses with Teaching Evaluation Summaries Provide a table of courses taught during the evaluation period (the probationary period, the period since the last promotion, or the past two years), using the template provided below (this template may be down-loaded from the website). Do not include copies of student evaluation surveys or comments among these materials.
Semester Course No. Course Type New prep? Course Enrollment No. of Responses Course Rating Instructor Rating
SP2011 ABC nnn3 LD, UD, or GR NEW xxx Yyy X.X Y.Y
  • Note: LD = lower division,
  • UD = upper division,
  • GR = graduate-level
Peer Observer's Report Please refer to the Peer Observation Guidelines and the HOP, Chapter 2.20 “Peer Observation of Teaching” for more information. Provide the reports to the Department Chair/School Director according to the Peer Observation Guidelines.
Teaching Portfolios For one or two representative courses taught, provide a portfolio containing the course syllabus, and examples of exams, handouts, problem sets, and other written assignments.
Instructional Development List any workshops or other related meetings attended (or organized) to increase pedagogical effectiveness. This information should include dates, formats, locations, and names of organizers.
Instructional Grants List all grants related to instructional activities.
Teaching Awards List any awards received for excellence in university-level teaching. Indicate the date, award name, awarding unit (for example, college, university, etc.), and institution.
Students Mentored Provide a list of all students directly mentored in scholarly activities, indicating those who have completed degree programs under your mentorship, and employment outcomes for mentored students who have graduated. For undergraduate course advisement, a summary of the number of students served is sufficient.

4B. Documentation of Research/Scholarly/Creative Activities

Scholarly Products Provide an electronic copy of all research/scholarly/creative works produced during the evaluation period. This includes full copies of any journal articles, book chapters, papers in conference proceedings, architectural projects, digital images of artwork, recordings of musical performances or compositions, and other short-format works. These may include manuscripts under review or in preparation. All relevant products should include the impact (e.g. impact factors, citations , Almetrics, etc.) of the published work. Applicants should provide a hard copy of any full books authored or edited by the faculty member. Portions of books may also be scanned to create a digital image for use in the internal review— scanning services are available through the University Library. In cases where the amount of scholarly products is extensive, a representative sample of scholarly products may be submitted, after consultation with the Department Chair/School Director. Note that citation indices of published work may be included among the optional supplementary materials.
Reviews Where appropriate, provide copies of any reviews of scholarly and creative activity, including reviews of books published, exhibitions, performances, compositions architectural projects, and other creative endeavors.
Grant Proposals An electronic copy of all funded grant proposals, as well as any proposals under review, or in preparation, should be provided with an indication of the present status of the proposal. Referee comments from funded proposals may be submitted along with the proposals themselves. If the amount of funded proposals is extensive, a representative sample of proposals may be submitted, after consultation with the Department Chair/School Director.
Intellectual Property Provide documentation of any intellectual property produced, including patents, copyrights, licensing agreements or other commercialization activities. Faculty are not required to divulge sensitive information concerning the intellectual property, but may document its development and potential commercialization through letters and other communication.

5. Summary of Service Activities and Responsibilities

Committee Assignments Separately list committee assignments at the department, college, and university levels, indicating dates of service and the name of the committee chair. Applicants should also indicate the extent of their contributions to the work of each committee listed.
Professional Service Activities List any activities, other than leadership positions, in the service of professional and disciplinary organizations. In all cases, provide dates of service, organizations served, and time committed.
Leadership Positions Provide a summary of any leadership positions held at the university or within a professional/disciplinary organization or society. List the dates for each applicable position, the responsibilities of the position, and the time commitment involved in executing the responsibilities of the position. Also, indicate any special accomplishments achieved while in the leadership position.

6. Supplemental materials

Additional material, if pertinent, can be included here.


Special Note to Faculty

These guidelines are intended to help you prepare a well-documented case for promotion. As you prepare your packet, please consider how readily a reader may access and absorb the material it contains. Please be as concise and succinct as possible in each section of the form.