Guiding Principles

For general guidelines to the criteria expected for successful promotion and tenure, please see the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures, chapter 2.50 “Fixed-Term-Track Faculty Recruitment, Evaluation, and Promotion.” Although specific expectations vary by discipline and by other guidance put forth by the Academic Colleges and individual Departments, the over-arching university standards for excellence that comport with the university’s goals are described below.

We value and recognize the pivotal role of FTT faculty in our interconnected, mutually supportive institutional goals of student success and excellence through innovation. Accordingly — and fundamental to our university’s mission — successful applicants for promotion will have the following attributes in primarily teaching or research, and show evidence of progressive record of achievement and engagement:

  • Excellence in teaching. Successful applicants in the Professor of Instruction and Practice series, and in the Clinical Professor series will have a sustained record of excellence in teaching as evidenced by peer observation reports, student evaluations, curriculum design, and the demonstration of innovative teaching methods.
  • Significant scholarly contribution. Successful applicants in the Professor of Research series will be active researchers, scholars, and creative artists. Successful applicants will be engaged in discovery — exploring the nature of the world and the diverse human condition in new ways — that advances new knowledge, perspectives, and understanding.
  • Progressive record of achievement. Academic efforts and outcomes should build and unfold, showing evidence of ongoing and evolutionary development of expertise, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Engagement. Examples of engagement might include fostering the success and development of students into transformative leaders of a diverse, inclusive society.

HOP 2.50 outlines the promotion timelines for faculty. Faculty member should meet the minimum to go up for promotion. If a part-time faculty member the the percent FTE should be used to determine the time. For example, if 50% FTE Associate Professor of Practice, to meet the min. of 2 years than this would 4 years at 50% FTE.

For FTT faculty candidates with years in faculty rank (or equivalent; note, NOT including graduate or post-doctoral work) gained at other institutions, the review process including the departments, colleges, and the university levels shall include consideration of any scholarly productivity and impacts, teaching excellence, and service participation completed prior to joining UTSA as faculty.