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Faculty Success

Heather Shipley

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of University College


  • Oversees divisions within Academic Success, which includes Career-Engaged Learning, Continuous Improvement and Accreditation, Faculty Success, and Undergraduate Studies.
  • Oversees University College

Laurie Lewis

Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Success


  • Faculty mentoring: plans and guidance
  • Faculty Awards: committees, nomination details, timelines
  • Assists in faculty review processes

Norma Guerra

Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Diversity and Inclusion


  • Support the recruitment, appointment, on-boarding and reporting of diverse faculty
  • Implement national best practices at UTSA in standards, approaches, practices and processes related to the recruitment, appointment, development, and recognition of diverse faculty
  • Work with faculty, chairs and departments, college leadership and Academic Affairs colleagues to develop, refine, and/or implement practices and processes to increase the number of outstanding candidates from underrepresented groups

Judy Verdon

Director of Faculty Training and Professional Development


  • Lead training specialist overseeing and performing the design, development, production, and coordination of the programs for faculty and academic leaders

Sarah Soulek

Faculty Evaluation Coordinator


  • Digital Measures Administrator
  • Questions on Faculty Review process (Annual, 3rd Year Review, T&P, CPE and Emeritus)
  • Faculty workload verification

Denise Moore

Executive Director, Faculty Personnel Services


  • Faculty Recruitment and Hiring materials and review
  • Faculty Appointments
  • Salary Supplements
  • Faculty Separation

Cory Thomas

Faculty Personnel Specialist II


  • Faculty Hiring - T/TT & FTT appointments, administrative appointments, additional pay, and faculty separation

Abi Caceres

Faculty Personnel Specialist I


  • Faculty Hiring - T/TT & FTT appointments, administrative appointments, additional pay, and faculty separation

Melinda Utoft

Events and Awards Project Manager


  • Academic Affairs events
  • Faculty awards process
  • Faculty trainings logistics
  • Administrative support for Faculty Senate, the Department Chairs Council, the University Assembly, the university’s standing committees, and the Retired Faculty Association