Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Tuesday, August 08, 11:25 AM

Phased Retirement Program


The program provides tenured faculty the voluntary opportunity to transition into retirement while continuing to provide service to the University at a reduced capacity.



UTSA is fortunate to have many tenured faculty with long-standing service to the university. For faculty, in recognition of this service and to provide valuable benefits, this program is designed to remove common barriers that can prevent taking the next step in life and pursuing new opportunities in career transition.



The reduced assignment will either be 25% or 50% of a full-time assignment. Phased work plans can’t exceed 50% or drop below 25%.



The phased retirement plan cannot be less than one academic year and can’t exceed three academic years. The specific duration should be included as part of the initial discussion with the Department Chair/School Director.



Tenure is relinquished when separation from UTSA occurs, such as retirement.



Each phased plan is dependent on the needs of the department and college. Faculty interested in the Program will discuss these details with their Department Chair/School Director. Once an agreement is made the details will be reflected in the Phased Retirement Plan Agreement and approved by all parties.



You should discuss this with your Department Chair/School Director, as some course releases are assigned at the college/school level.



No, the Phased Faculty Retirement Program requires a half-time or less appointment.



No, you will not be eligible to take a sabbatical or academic leave during the phased period of the plan.



Yes, participants will continue to hold the endowment through the end of the Phased Faculty Retirement Agreement. The faculty member will receive 50% or less of the salary supplement that they were entitled to receive at the time of the separation during the periods of appointment outlined in the phased work plan.



No, an incentive payment is not included in the program.



Requests may be denied by department management based on review of operational circumstances (e.g.- a determination that business needs require full-time availability of the position, a determination that budget resources are not sufficient to support participation in the program). Participation in the program is subject to approval by the Department Chair/School Director, Dean, and Provost prior to the start of the program.


General Inquiries


Yes, contingent that you meet the merit eligibility criteria for that merit year.



Yes, you can participate in this program if you meet the eligibility criteria and you can fulfill the phased retirement workplan.



Faculty scheduled to work on a specific grant during the next academic year should consult with the Office of Research Integrity about possible options. We encourage you to partner with Research Integrity prior to signing the agreement.



The process for granting an emeritus title is described in UTSA HOP 2.03 Emeritus Academic Titles (



A list of Privileges for Faculty Retirees is available through the recently established Retired Faculty Association website.




  • Meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Meet with your Department Chair/School Director to develop a phased work plan at least one semester prior to the start date.
  • Once notified of approval, sign and submit the Phased Faculty Retirement Agreements to by the January 31, 2023 deadline.

You are signing a legally binding agreement. As such, it is recommended you consult with an attorney, financial and/or tax advisors.




Retirement eligibility is calculated based on age, years of service with Texas state agencies, and employment status as of August 2003. For additional details about eligibility calculation, review the UT System eligibility flowchart.



As a retired employee, you will need to complete your retiree insurance enrollment via MyUTBenefits no later than 31 days from your retirement date.



Medical, dental, and vision for you and your current dependents are automatically enrolled. To enroll in retiree basic and voluntary life insurance, you have to enroll via MyUTBenefits no later than 31 days from the retirement date.



Continuation of UT benefits is contingent on eligibility based on your retirement plan. If eligible and you or your dependents are under the age of 65 or you return to work at 50%, you will be enrolled with UT Select. If eligible and you are Medicare eligible, you will be enrolled into UT Care as a retired employee or a return to working retiree under 50%.



No, you must make private payment arrangements with UT Benefits Billing.



No, you cannot participate as a return-to-work retiree.



Before participating in the program, faculty members are strongly encouraged to contact a TRS Retirement Plan Representative (1-800-223-8778), ERS Employee Retirement System (1-877-275-4377) or their ORP vendor. Faculty members are solely responsible for consulting with their retirement program to determine eligibility for an annuity.





Employees that participate in the program will not be eligible for unemployment.



You will receive a payment for any remaining annual leave or floating holidays after you separate employment with the university. Payment of annual leave or floating holidays will be made at the rate at separation.



Sick leave is not paid out at separation. However, you can choose to donate your sick leave to the sick leave pool. Sick leave donated to the sick leave pool cannot be reinstated once donated. If you choose to donate, submit Employee Request to Transfer Sick Leave Hours to Sick Leave Pool.