Becoming a Mentor @ UTSA Training Program

As part of ASPIRE’s National Change Initiative, Becoming a Mentor @ UTSA training program is designed based upon curriculum of the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research. The program explores what mentoring is, and is not, the core competencies of becoming an effective mentor and how to implement a mentoring program. The core competencies are:

  • aligning expectations and maintaining effective communication,
  • assessing understanding and fostering independence,
  • mentoring challenges and solutions,
  • addressing equity and inclusion, and
  • cultivating ethical behavior.

This interactive series will explore a competency each week with case studies, reflection and group discussion. Class meetings are synchronous, with assigned readings and short reflection homework, with the final product at the end of the series being the development of the mentoring compact and philosophy documents. Upon completion of the program, faculty are then able to include their mentoring training as part of the overall mentoring plan when applying for NIH/NSF grants.

Who is it for?

All faculty, Tenure/Tenure Track and Fixed Term Track who are, or will be engaged in mentoring.

Comments from past participants include:

“I’ve been mentoring informally for many years. This program gave me space to think about why I do the things I do. It was a very rewarding experience.”

“There were so many concepts (diversity, equity, conscious/unconscious bias, etc.) that really helped me in thinking about what to include in a contract, how to be more aware of my own biases, understanding the importance of diversity, etc.”

“Most valuable were the definition of a philosophy and an agreement regarding the mentor/mentee relationship and expectations.”

“I mentor groups of students in the context of a research training program. I am going to implement official Mentoring Plans that combines commitments of the program, their research mentor, and the student.”

“Of how intentional our mentorship ship needs to be and helping seeing the perspective of the mentee.”

We know that mentoring is a key factor in not only developing our early career faculty, but also facilitates the professional success and growth of all faculty, and contributes to the success of our students as well. 

Schedule for Becoming a Mentor @ UTSA Training Program

Summer 2022 Dates:

Event Date Time
Session 1 September 23, 2022 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Session 2 September 30, 2022 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

To sign up to participate, please contact

Faculty Participants  

Cohort 1 - Spring 2020

  • Mark Blizard, Architecture Associate Professor
  • Raymond Choo, Information Systems Associate Professor
  • Candace Christensen, Social Work Associate Professor
  • Meizi He, Public Health Professor
  • Michael Karcher, Educational Psychology Professor and AD-Faculty
  • Paul LeBlanc, Communications Professor and Chair
  • Jodi Peterson, History Lecturer III

Cohort 2 - Summer 2020 June

  • Raj Boppana, Computer Science Professor
  • Alan Whittington, Geological Sciences Professor
  • Gail Taylor, RISE Associate Program Director
  • Lindsey Macpherson, Biology Assistant Professor
  • Melanie Carless, Biology Associate Professor
  • Alexis Godet, Geological Sciences Associate Professor
  • Sam Silvestro, Computer Science Professor of Practice
  • Magdalena Nerio, English Lecturer II

Cohort 3 - Summer 2020 July

  • Matthias Hofferberth, Political Science & Geography Associate Professor
  • Megan Augustyn, Criminology & Criminal Justice Associate Professor
  • Kimberly Fonzo, English Assistant Professor
  • Lloyd Potter, Demography Professor
  • Michael Baumann, Psychology Professor
  • Sherri Simmons-Horton, Social Work Assistant Professor
  • James Bray, Psychology Professor
  • Richard Hartley, Criminology & Criminal Justice Professor
  • Eric Shattuck, IDSER Assistant Professor of Research
  • Lucinda Nevarez, Social Work Associate Professor
  • Gina Amatangelo, Public Administration Lecturer II

Cohort 4 - Fall 2020

  • Jeffrey Howard, Public Health Assistant Professor
  • Donna Miller, Sociology Lecturer II
  • Angela Speck, Physics Professor, Chair
  • Audrey Lamb, Chemistry Professor, Chair
  • Kellie Lynch, Criminology & Criminal Justice Assistant Professor
  • August Allo, Electrical Engineering Senior Lecturer
  • Arturo Schultz, Civil Engineering Professor
  • Nikolaos Gatsis, Electrical Engineering Associate Professor,