Mentor Meet-Ups

The Mentor Meet-Ups program is a mentor-to-mentor speaker and discussion series for UTSA faculty mentors. Any faculty member involved in mentoring other faculty (TT or FTT) whether as a formal department mentor, peer team mentor, FTT faculty mentor, or a faculty member interested in honing their mentoring skills in general, are welcome to join in this series. Mentor meet-ups will be scheduled on a regular basis in face-to-face modality throughout the academic year. Participants will gather to hear from experts on mentoring; to participate in discussions about mentoring challenges and solutions; and to learn together how to become better mentors.

For more information about this program, please contact on the Faculty Success team.


Participants are welcome to attend any or all of the presentations in the series and may drop in without registration for most sessions (although pre-registration for some events will be required). 

Topics and Speakers

Speakers will include UTSA faculty and administrators with wisdom and experience in mentoring as well as outside speakers with expertise in effective faculty mentoring. Example topics for these sessions include:

  • Using tools to stimulate planning, goal-setting, identification of strengths and needs for growth
  • Understanding needs of underrepresented faculty within the mentoring context
  • Coaching faculty through challenges and roadblocks
  • Supporting faculty with disruptive work-life balance challenges
  • Building supportive mentoring while maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • Best practices to mentor teaching skills
  • Effective mentoring towards obtaining external funding
  • Having difficult conversations with mentees (including giving corrective feedback)
  • How mentors can address issues related to department politics and difficult people

Schedule for Mentor Meet-Ups

  • Fall 2021 Dates/Speakers: TBA