Mid-Career Faculty Mentoring Program

This program is designed to support mid-career tenured faculty who are actively pursuing promotion to full professor. Participants will benefit from a six-session program that includes presentations and workshop activities as well as in-session mentoring. Participants will be assigned to a mentoring pod made up of a senior mentor and a small group of mid-career faculty. The pod will meet as part of the scheduled sessions.

For more information about this program, please contact Norma.Guerra@utsa.edu on the Faculty Success team.


Sessions will be scheduled in 1 ½ hour blocks spread out over six months. Sessions will be a combination of face-to-face on Main campus and virtual. The first part of each session will be devoted to a presentation on the topic of the session. That will be followed by workshop time for the participants to discuss the topic, share experiences and explore available resources.


Participants are expected to attend all of the scheduled sessions and to prepare assigned homework. This program is meant to be a coherent program through which all participants travel together. A major value of the program is that participants get to know one another, form a learning community, and support each other.

Program Topics

  • Expectations to Earn Full: Identify my personal and professional goals. How to get the best information about disciplinary/college standards and expectations. How to get the ongoing feedback you need.
  • Goal Setting: Setting goals for scholarship/teaching/service/admin roles. Identify the areas that need the most attention to succeed. Also, what are the strengths of your case and how can it be maximized and recognized?
  • Managing Obstacles and Seeking Support: Identifying the resources at UTSA and elsewhere to help you achieve goals. Balancing teaching, research, service and administrative roles. Negotiating workload and timing of expectations of service/teaching. Setting oneself up for success with time-management strategies.
  • Powerful Strategies for Maximizing your Scholarship: Creating multiple outcomes for single projects. Connecting student teaching/mentoring with your own scholarship. Identifying projects that will weigh in as important pieces in your case for Full.
  • Finding Disciplinary Mentors: Identifying a list of potential non-UTSA mentors. Cultivating contact and attracting support and mentoring. What is the best use of a disciplinary mentor?
  • Commitments to Moving Forward: Participants will reflect on what they have learned and how their plans going forward are being reshaped.

All sessions will be held in person on the main campus. Participants are expected to attend all of the scheduled sessions and to prepare assigned homework.

Schedule for Mid-Career Mentoring Program

Fall 2022 Dates:

Event Date Where
Session 1 October 19, 2022 Main Campus JPL Faculty Center
Session 2 November 23, 2022 Zoom
Session 3 Deccember 14, 2022 Zoom
Session 4 February 22, 2023 Main Campus JPL Faculty Center
Session 5 March 22, 2023 Zoom
Session 6 April 19, 2023 Main Campus JPL Faculty Center