2022 new faculty group photo

First Year Program

The UTSA New Faculty Academy First Year Program begins as you transition to UTSA and San Antonio. It is required of all new faculty hired without tenure and open to all other full-time faculty who are new to UTSA (including tenured and fixed-term-track positions).

Objectives of the program are to:

  • create connections, learn about the mission/vision/values and culture as they relate to the destinations of UTSA
  • provide an introduction to UTSA’s teaching and research culture
  • identify people and services to support success
  • enhance skills related to grant seeking and writing, as well as instruction and pedagogy
  • share information about institutional resources and best practices
  • promote collaboration and community in the first year

We will send an email with general information about the Bold Beginnings at Roadrunner Nation program in late May. Then in late June, approximately one month before your anticipated arrival in early August, we will begin communicating with our new faculty on a weekly basis. Please advise us if the email address we have for you needs to be updated to ensure that you receive the weekly information. In subsequent messages, you will be sent a link to access the New Faculty Academy page in Blackboard, UTSA’s Learning Management System.

Within Blackboard, there are online modules to be completed prior to your attendance of Bold Beginnings at Roadrunner Nation on Monday August 1, 2022. They are:

  1. This is UTSA
  2. University Technology Solutions (UTS)
  3. Academic Innovation video
  4. Research at UTSA
  5. Roadrunner Portraits

There are other resource materials in the New Faculty Academy Blackboard page that we encourage you to review. In addition, throughout the year you will be required to attend six (6) additional sessions that focus on teaching, research and other important topics. More information will be provided later.

As a new member of the UTSA Faculty Nation, we strive to provide you with tools and resources to contribute to your success, not only as a new faculty member, but also to further your career success. We have implemented complimentary university-wide mentoring programs. You can find information about these UTSA mentoring programs at the Faculty Mentoring Hub. As part of your welcome to UTSA we will be making available Peer Mentoring Teams for each new faculty member. The purpose of the Onboarding Peer Mentoring Team is to provide small groups of 3-5 new faculty, from across the university, an opportunity to get to know one another and support each other as you transition to being a Roadrunner. You will have a Peer Mentor who is a current experienced faculty member at UTSA. Your Peer Mentor will support your group by facilitating conversations about how UTSA works, where to find things/people, and getting you acquainted with the area.

The following sets of PMTs will be formed:

  • New early-career faculty will be assigned a Peer Mentoring Team, which will be mentored by another early-career faculty member who has been at UTSA for a few years.
  • New mid-career and senior faculty are offered the opportunity to participate in a Peer Mentoring Team for tenured faculty to learn about UTSA guided by an experienced senior faculty member.
    • Please email Norma Guerra by July 30th to indicate your interest in participating
  • New Department Chairs will be assigned a Peer Mentoring Team, which will focus on acquainting you with your new Chair role. These PMTs will have experienced department chairs as Peer Mentors

All of the Onboarding PMTs will be launched in August. Participants will receive an email with the names and contact emails for all of their PMT members. Peer Mentors for each team will be in touch to schedule initial meetings of the team. Teams will meet on a weekly or bi-monthly basis initially and then will adjust the frequency of the team meetings as the semester goes on. Teams will decide the modality of their own meetings (virtual, in person, mixed).

In addition, we have a Tenure-Track Networking Club, which is a faculty retention program which utilizes mentorship as a tool in the retention of minority faculty. All of these programs provide support, opportunities to network, and a foundation of success at UTSA. Welcome! 


Questions? Contact Director of Faculty Training and Development Judy Verdon at 210-458-2994.