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Chinese arts and language programming to be fully integrated into East Asia Institute

February 28, 2019
Chinese arts and language programming to be fully integrated into East Asia Institute

Main Building - Main Campus

The Confucius Institute was established in 2009 to promote Chinese language, arts and culture through language training, lectures, workshops and seminars, and other programs. More than 400 UTSA students participate in its programming each year.

 Since its creation, the Confucius Institute has been grant-funded. When the current grant concludes this summer, UTSA will use the opportunity to graduate its programs into a more robust environment for students studying Eastern Asian cultures by integrating them into the UTSA East Asia Institute.

 The East Asia Institute offers on-campus learning opportunities that foster an appreciation and understanding of a wider range of East Asian cultures and countries including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and provides opportunities for students to study and work in East Asian countries.  Another strength of the institute is its outreach activities to the East Asian communities, and its work with trade offices and the Offices of the Consuls General for Japan, Korea, and China. This expertise helps UTSA students develop a greater global awareness and business perspective.

 By integrating all of these programs into one cohesive organizational structure, UTSA will provide greater access to valuable resources and learning experiences that make students world-ready.

Lisa Montoya, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Global Initiatives & Senior International Officer