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Summer faculty peer mentoring program focused on online instruction

April 30, 2020
Academic Strategic Communications
Summer faculty peer mentoring program focused on online instruction
Faculty Success will be piloting a new peer mentoring program this summer to support faculty who will be teaching online and who would like to join a team of faculty who are all learning and improving their skills in online instruction.
The Peer Mentoring Team Program
Peer Mentoring Teams (PMT) are interdisciplinary groups of 3-5 faculty all of whom are interested in learning/improving on some aspect of their scholarly activity. Members of the team commit to routinely meeting to share best practices, guidance, feedback, and advice with each other and are led by a faculty peer mentor with expertise related to the topic of the team. 
What is the Purpose of a Peer Mentoring Team?
To learn/improve skills, gain knowledge, and apply what is learned in a real-time scholarly activity (such as online teaching, pursuit of a federal grant, development of an engaged learning focus in courses, administrative skills, management of a research team etc.). PMTs are intended to help faculty to build relationships with colleagues across UTSA and to participate in learning communities outside of their immediate disciplines and departments.
What do members of a Peer Mentoring Team do?
Members of a PMT agree to participate in their assigned team for one semester/summer session and work with a peer mentor and the other team members to foster a positive learning community of mutual support; sharing of experience and knowledge; and providing peer feedback. Team members will commit to a weekly virtual meeting with the team and prepare questions, reports of progress for peer-to-peer feedback, and reviews of peers’ work as agreed within the team. A faculty peer mentor will be assigned to each team to convene the group and provide guidance and best practice advice. 
If you are interested in being a part of a Peer Mentoring Team for a 2020 summer session, please email by May 15 and indicate the following:
  • Which of the summer sessions you will be teaching and would like to be on a team
  • Provide a brief description of the online course you are teaching
  • Indicate your level of experience with online teaching (beginning, some experience, moderate experience, considerable experience but still learning) 

Faculty Success will match individuals interested in being on a team with team mentors. The number of teams we can facilitate will depend on availability of peer mentors.