Academic Insights

Strengthening your core

March 5, 2021
Academic Strategic Communications
No matter what academic discipline a UTSA student chooses to pursue, the foundation of their undergraduate education is the core curriculum. Based on Fall 2020 course evaluations, here are some of our students’ highest-rated core curriculum courses.
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AAS 2113 African American Culture, Leadership and Social Issues
AIS 1253 Interdisciplinary Education
ANT 2053 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ART 1143 Art for Non-Art Majors
CHE 1093 Introduction to Molecular Transformations
ENG 2023 Literature and Film
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GER 1014 Elementary German I
HTH 2413 Introduction to Community and Public Health
MAS 2013 Introduction to Chicano(a) Studies
MAT 1193 Calculus for the Biosciences
MUS 2673 History and Styles of Rock
SOC 2023 Social Context of Drug Use
SPN 2333 Hispanic Literature in English Translation
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Having a comprehensive, wide-ranging core curriculum should be about more than making sure UTSA students are “well-rounded.” As part of its work, the Tactical Team on Enabling Clear Pathways to Degree Completion is formulating recommendations to ensure the university’s core curriculum intentionally reflects our institutional academic values and goals. The core curriculum can help students develop marketable and transferable skills to gain a competitive edge in the job market, as employers are looking for employees who are not only competent in their field but also have the capacity to think critically, understand diversity in our lived experience, and apply digital tools to creatively solve problems.