May 26, 2021

Fleuriet receives President’s Distinguished Achievement Award in Faculty Mentoring

Fleuriet is defining what it means to be an exceptional mentor through her above and beyond commitment to fostering the success of both her fellow faculty and students. Read more  
May 24, 2021

Rita Mitra: Inspiring a Lifelong Appreciation of Learning

Rita Mitra is what you might call a professional learner. Now in her fourth career, the associate professor in practice of cyber security credits her tenacity, optimism, and humility for creating opportunities that have allowed her to pursue her goals at UTSA of strengthening community, encouraging diversity, and inspiring in others a lifelong appreciation of learning. Read more  
May 20, 2021

End of Year Message from the Provost

More than 5,300 Roadrunners are earning their degrees this month, a wonderful reminder that, despite the challenges of the past year, our students are persevering towards their goals and achieving their dreams... Read more  
May 20, 2021

Resolving roadblocks to graduation

UTSA has many laser-focused initiatives designed to support the academic advancement of our undergraduate students. By helping students address and overcome barriers to timely graduation, the Graduation Help Desk is helping improve UTSA’s four-year and six-year graduation rates. Read more