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Annual Review and 2022-23 Workload Agreements

July 22, 2021
Academic Strategic Communications
Annual Review and 2022-23 Workload Agreements

Editor’s note: The following message was sent July 22, 2021 via email from the division of Faculty Success to all faculty. On Aug. 13, a follow up email was sent to all faculty providing clarification on the COVID-19 Impact Checklist, as noted below.

The timelines for Workload Agreements and Annual Evaluations are now being aligned to the academic year, as shared in the March 24 email from Academic AffairsA Working Group, which included a senator from each college, department chairs, at-large faculty members, and associate deans, recommended this updated timeline. In implementing this change, Faculty Success collaborated with each college’s Associate Dean for Faculty to streamline the annual evaluation, workload agreement, and workload verification processes through Digital Measures into a single Workflow, completed once per year. 

In order to transition to the new academic year evaluation timeline, the next annual report faculty complete will include work from January 2020 through August 2021. Thus, 1.5 years of effort will be evaluated using the regular annual metrics. An email will be sent out to faculty the first week of August reminding you to log in to Digital Measures (Workflow) to begin work on your annual review material (Jan 2020 – Aug 2021) and plan for your 2022-2023 workload agreement. This process will apply to all fixed-term track, tenured, and tenure-track faculty. In addition, each college will provide further information on the college’s specific workload guidelines for this process. 

Faculty now can begin updating their teaching, research, service activities and accomplishments in Digital Measures, and may find the following resources helpful: 

In addition, we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused varying disruptions to faculty in their teaching, research/scholarship/creative activity, and service goals. Furthermore, we understand that these disruptions impact individual faculty in unique ways, based on differing responsibilities and circumstances, and differing timescales and intensities. The Faculty COVID-19 Impact Checklist should be submitted by all faculty in order to document any COVID-specific impacts to their work during the review period. The Workflow form specifies how to submit this checklist.

Below is the routing and timelines for these processes:

2021-2022 Faculty Annual Review and 2022-2023 Workload (will open August 2021) 

Participant Process step Complete by

Faculty member

Inputs and submits annual review information

September 15, 2021

Department Review Committee (DRC)

Reviews and rates submitted information

Internal deadline provided by the college

Department Chair / School Director

Reviews and rates submitted information; plans workload for 2022-2023 AY

Internal deadline provided by the college

Faculty acknowledgement and work plan

Fills in plan of work and acknowledges

Internal deadline provided by the college

Department Chair / School Director approval

Approves submission

Internal deadline provided by the college


Approves submission

November 15, 2021


Editor’s note: The following message was sent August 13, 2021 via email from the division of Faculty Success to all faculty:

As you know, the annual review and workload agreement process was launched in Digital Measures Workflow last week. We have received several questions about the COVID-19 Impact Checklist (which is one of the required elements that faculty have been asked to submit) and wanted to provide further guidance and information.

  • The department review committees are not to consider the checklist as part of their review process.

  • In the required step to upload the checklist, we encourage you to fill it out by only selecting the relevant text boxes within the form.

  • If you would like to provide further detail for the department chair/school director or dean to consider in their review, this can be incorporated after the department committee review. Share the checklist with your department chair during your annual review meeting and follow up by uploading the form as an additional document at the “Faculty Acknowledgement and Work Plan” step [Optional Materials] as show below.
Faculty Acknowledgement and Work Plan Form

If you have already submitted your annual review form in Workflow, you may recall it or ask the department review committee chair to send it back to you for editing and resubmission.

Please reach out to your college’s Associate Dean for Faculty Success with any questions about the form. You can also contact