Course evaluations integrated with Blackboard

November 8, 2021
Academic Strategic Communications
Course evaluations integrated with Blackboard


UTSA has integrated access to course evaluations with Blackboard, an enhancement made possible through Class Climate.

Note: Faculty must enable the feature in Blackboard before students can access it.

Instructions to enable evaluations in Blackboard

By default, the Blackboard template includes a Tools link in each course’s left-hand navigation menu. Students can use the tool section to locate the UTSA Course Evaluations integration.

To make sure your students can access this link, check the following items in your course:

  • Blackboard toolbarThe Tools link comes default on every Blackboard shell. If the link is not present, it has been deleted and must be readded.
  • A gray box to the right of the Tools link will indicate if students cannot see the link. Use the options icon next to the Tools link and click Show Link if it’s hidden.
  • The UTSA Course Evaluations link must not be hidden inside the Tools section. Visit the Tools section and look to see that it is not hidden. If you see the option to Hide Link, then it is visible to students.


Blackboard tools dashboard


If you need assistance, contact Academic Innovation at or call 210.458.4520.


Help students find course evaluations

Once you have enabled the feature in Blackboard, you can provide the following instructions to your students to help them find and complete UTSA Course Evaluations:

  • Navigate to your Blackboard course
  • In the left-hand navigation menu, select the Tools section
  • From the list, select UTSA Course Evaluations

For more information on UTSA Course Evaluations, read the FAQ. Find Course Evaluation key dates for Fall 2021 here.

View course evaluation participation rates

Faculty will now be able to see, in near real time, how many students have completed the course evaluations via a Blackboard dashboard. In Blackboard, faculty can click on “UTSA Course Evaluations” to view the instructor dashboard. There, they will be able to see the deployed surveys and the numbers of responses (example below).

An example of how faculty can view evaluation participation rates for their courses in Blackboard