Call for Nominations: Examples of Excelencia

February 16, 2024
Call for Nominations: Examples of Excelencia

In the last four years, five UTSA programs have been recognized by Excelencia in Education’s Examples of Excelencia. The Examples of Excelencia Tiger Team is excited to build on that success and kick off the 2024 nomination process.  
Application materials for the Examples of Excelencia awards may be submitted in three categories: 

  • baccalaureate programs
  • graduate programs
  • community-based organizations/partnerships

As a part of our internal nomination process, we are seeking information about programs in your area with evidence of effectiveness in accelerating Latino student success.

If there is a program in your area that you’d like us to consider nominating, please complete the linked form by Friday, March 1.  
The Tiger Team will review the applications to select which programs will nominate formally. Programs will be notified in early March, and a complete nomination will be due to Excelencia in Education by April; Academic Affairs staff will provide additional information and assistance with that process.   
Please email if you have any questions.