Academic Success District

The Academic Success District (ASD) collects advising offices, mentoring programs, and other learning hubs and centrally locates them on Main Campus near the Sombrilla Plaza. Throughout the ASD, you’ll find classrooms and collaborative spaces that integrate digital and in-person learning technology and resources to support student success.

University Student Success Center

University Student Success Center

Located at the University Student Success Center Building

The University Student Success Center (SSC) is dedicated to advising services. It hosts a call center where students can speak one-on-one with an academic advisor or meet with them in private offices. The SCC includes:  


Tomás Rivera Center for Academic Excellence

Tomás Rivera Center for Academic Excellence

Located in MS 2.02.18

 The Tomás Rivera Center for Academic Excellence (TRC) is a central hub for tutoring services, student success coaching, peer academic coaching, and other academic support programming. The TRC's services include: 


Collaborative Learning Hub

Collaborative Learning Hub

Located in JPL 2.01.12

In the Collaborative Learning Hub, students will find a space where they can collaborate, study, and be supported by a team of UTSA staff who are ready to help them connect with tools and resources they need to be successful. This is where course-based weekly study sessions are held and collaborative study groups meet as part of the university's supplemental instruction program. 


Mentoring Hub

Mentoring Hub

Located in MH 2.02.02

The Mentoring Hub supports an institution-wide culture that actively recognizes, encourages, and supports first-generation college students and transfer students. Students find a support system among trained peer mentors and faculty coaches who share similar college-going experiences and who help guide them as they navigate college life. Services include: 



Academic Innovation Center

Located in MS 240 (across from the Tomás Rivera Center for Academic Excellence)

The Academic Innovation Center is home to the division of Academic Innovation’s Office of Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation (TLDT). Inside the AIC, students and faculty will find the following opportunities: 

  • professional development
  • skills training
  • Adobe Creative Cloud workshops
  • experimentation with emerging academic technologies like V/R
  • collaboration
  • special events


ACOB Student Success Center

College Student Success Centers

Various locations across Main Campus

In addition to leveraging university-wide initiatives, College Student Success Centers provide resources, programs, and services to prepare students for their careers.


Classroom Upgrades

Classroom upgrades were designed in collaboration with UTSA Facilities and the division of Academic Innovation. There are four classroom personas, each with their own unique combination of integrated learning technologies. Learn more about what is available in the core, connected, active-connected, and Cisco Unified classrooms and where they are located. 

Outdoor Learning Environments (OLÉ)

These versatile areas provide another way for students and faculty to meet – whether as part of a formal course, location for a student organization meeting, or a place to casually catch up outside the classroom. Learn more and book a space.