Academic Affairs

Course Syllabi Instructions

All course instructors should provide a course syllabus to students with the following content:

  1. All course syllabi should be posted online, either in the course’s Blackboard Learn, or on a departmental web page. In addition, all undergraduate syllabi must be uploaded to UTSA’s Bluebook site, as mandated by State law (HB 2504) since 2009.
  2. Course syllabi should be made available to students online no later than the first class meeting of the semester. If subsequent changes need to be made to the syllabus, instructors update the posted syllabus as quickly as possible so that it remains current.
  3. The academic content of a course syllabus remains within the province of each individual instructor to determine, subject to the department’s curricular needs. However, at a minimum, the following elements should be included in their syllabi:
    •  the course number and name
    •  the instructor’s name and contact information (including email address)
    • the instructor’s official office hours and location
    • a brief description of the course’s learning objectives, the course prerequisites, if any
    • a detailed grading scheme, including types of exams/assignments and their weight in determining the final grade
    • a schedule of assignments and exams
    • the textbook, reading assignments and/or reading list
    • the course policies the instructor wishes to impose, such as attendance policies, class participation and “civility” expectations, late assignment policies,   etc.
    • the common information link  to UTSA policies and services regarding disabilities, dishonesty, counseling and tutoring, plus the Roadrunner Creed.

UTSA Syllabi Template

The following template is accessible, includes all university policies, and is customized for each of the course modalities. The template facilitates editing, keeps the required university policies intact, and accommodates differently formatted course schedules. Download and edit based on course modality.

Follow this Basic Accessibility Syllabus and Schedule Checklist to ensure your courses are accessible.

For syllabus design best practices, visit Teaching, Learning, and Digital Transformation.