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Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee

The Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee (URAC) advises the Office of Undergraduate Research on policies and procedures relating to undergraduate research in all areas of academic inquiry.

URAC Committee 2019-2020

  • Hamid Beladi (College of Business)
  • Erica Clark (COB Experiential Learning)
  • Mark Appleford (College of Engineering)
  • Diane Elizondo (First Year Experience)
  • Suat Gunhan (College of Architecture)
  • Rosalind Horowitz (College of Education and Human Development)
  • Sean Kelly (Honors College)
  • Joseph Kulhanek (Strategic Enrollment)
  • Steven Levitt (College of Liberal and Fine Arts)
  • Gail Taylor (College of Science)
  • Rob Tillyer (College of Public Policy)
  • Tracey Bass (Graduate School)
  • Vacant (UTSA VPR)