Our University Planning Team provides a comprehensive project management framework that integrates medium-term and long-term strategic planning with execution to implement the mission, vision, and the strategic goals of the university.

Our focus is on overall performance management and integration of initiatives to timely deliver upon performance goals and targets.

We work with various partners across the institution under three functional areas for strategic growth and innovative excellence:

  • Major Capital Projects ($10M and over): We support UTSA’s academic mission and strategic vision by providing assistance for the long range planning of the physical environment, as well as leveraging space to its highest utilization.
  • Information Technology and Automation: We provide project management support for integration of existing and new information technology tools and platforms for effectiveness based on user requirements and integrated process and data mapping, as well as automation for a lean and nimble organization.
  • Administrative and Business Process Reengineering: We focus on policy, process, and procedure connection across the institution to evaluate “why we do what we do, and how we do it” in order to understand administrative and business processes, identify areas for improvement, and execute improvement projects.

Our team facilitates change management, identifies opportunities, and formulates proposed actions based on organizational context to provide strategic assistance for aligning decisions made across the university with a shared institutional vision.