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Digital Measures (DM) is the database used by UTSA for recording and organizing faculty academic and professional activities. Once you enter data in DM, the information is available for a variety of uses:

  • Vita
  • Third Year, Tenure and Promotion, CPE and Emeritus Reviews
  • Annual Report
  • Workload Agreements
  • Faculty Credentialing
  • Other Custom and Ad Hoc Reports

Some information in DM is automatically uploaded for faculty:

  • Demographic information
  • Appointment information
  • Classes taught each term
  • Student evaluations of teaching
  • Grant proposals and research expenditure data

Some information in DM is entered (or can be edited) by the department and/or college:

  • Degrees obtained
  • Additional credentials and documentation
  • Dates regarding rank/tenure

Faculty enter their new accomplishments and activities. Just a few of the types of information faculty can record in DM are:

  • Publications
  • Artistic performances and exhibits
  • Presentations
  • Academic and professional service
  • Faculty development

How to enter your information in Digital Measures:

  • How to Get Started in Digital Measures
  • If your previous institution used Digital Measures, you can make a request to digitalmeasures@utsa.edu to have your profile transferred over to UTSA. Be sure you include your name and previous institution's name when making the request.
  • If you have your current CV in a word document, you can use Digital Measures' CV Imports function to upload the information to your profile quickly and accurately.

CV Imports User Guide:  https://www.digitalmeasures.com/activity-insight/docs/guide.html

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