Because Digital Measures is a living database, you can download, print, and/or save a current vita using Custom Reports (or the ‘Rapid Reports’ tab) at any time.

Information regarding your UTSA Official Vita:

  • As long as you have entered and saved your accomplishments and activities in DM as they occur (or before downloading the vita), your vita in DM will be up to date.
  • Along with the UTSA Official Vita, there is also a customized vita for tenure and other reviews in DM. It is called UTSA Vita for 3rd Year, Tenure and Promotion, CPE, and Emeritus Review and can be generated using either Run Reports or Rapid Reports.
  • An abbreviated version of the UTSA Official Vita — the UTSA Bluebook Vita — displays for faculty members in UTSA Bluebook.
  • The format for the UTSA Official Vita was developed by an advisory committee comprised of faculty membership from all colleges, based on APA formatting.
  • Faculty can also create and save a customizable CV or multiple CV formats in Digital Measures. See the following link for more information: