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Annual Review and Workload (Workflow)

  • Full-time faculty
    • Log in to Digital Measures
    • Click on the “Reports” tab in the top heading
    • Select the “UTSA Full-Time Faculty Annual Review - Workload Percentages and Ratings” report
    • Enter the appropriate dates for the evaluation period in the “Date Range” fields (the most recent evaluation period was January 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021)
    • Click “Run Report” to generate a copy of your overall score (you can view a more detailed version of your annual review on the “Faculty Annual Review and Evaluation” screen)
  • Part-time faculty
    • Log in to Digital Measures
    • Scroll down to the “Faculty Reports and Evaluations” heading
    • Click on the “Faculty Annual Review and Evaluation” screen
    • Click on the appropriate record (by date) to view your annual review

When the Workflow process launches, if tasks are assigned to you, the Workflow tab will be visible in the top menu bar when you are logged into Digital Measures.

A Workflow process always launches with a faculty step first. When the Workflow process launches, tasks are created and await the attention of the faculty who will submit their materials. The faculty member can access these tasks two ways:

  • Through the email generated when the process launches.
    Email generated when the workflow process launches
  • By logging into Digital Measures directly.

Once a task is opened in the Workflow inbox, timelines for completion of tasks are visible at the top of the form. Follow directions to complete each form.